Monday, March 21, 2011

Design An Imaginary Beverage - Superhero Sludge

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For this project, we were told to design a new beverage. We were to come up with the packaging as well as a poster using just the image of the beverage itself. No text other than what would be found on the label or packaging of the product. We were also required to answer the following questions:

What does it taste like?
  Overly Sweet thick beverage that has the consistency of sludge.

For whom is it designed?
   Anyone who secretly possesses the desire to live out the double life of a super hero, from nerd to extremely successful buisnes man. If you intend to bring forth justice in the world while wearing a tight fitting costume year round, this is the beverage for you.

What sort of mood or feeling does it convey?
   You feel unstoppable. You are on top of the world and feel the conviction to right all wrongs.

Whom do you get to pretend you are when you drink it?
   You get to pretend you are your favorite super hero. Possessing your favorite superpowers and loved by all!

How do you get to pretend you feel when you drink it?
   You pretend to feel like nothing can hold you back. All tiredness, laziness and any crappy feeling instantly fades away. You have a perfect smile, everyone loves you, and you can do anything and everything you've ever wanted!

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